All it takes is a little inspiration

My sister - Kelli Brinker - recently wrote a little facebook note about her adventures in Canada. See, my big sister has always been a bit of a gypsy and a bit of wanderer...and I've always admired her for that because I simply am not very capable of just changing everything in my life because I'm too practical, too anxious and too Type A.

I am truly proud of her for making the choice to head down to Florida and try to become a dolphin trainer (and with this internship she seems to be well on her way if I know anything about what I'm saying). I never would have been able to do it - I would have talked her out of it-being the voice of reason that I am. I don't think it was reasonable for her to go to Florida, I think it was silly - a mere chasing of a perhaps fleeting dream, but I couldn't be more proud of her for doing it. She is chasing that dream, succeed or fail she's pursing it with reckless abandon.

This might sound harsh in some respects, but it isn't. It's truth, and she already knows it. The part about me being proud of her is maybe a little new because I have been treating it as a childish notion all along. "She just went for the beach, Mom and dad are paying for a long vacation in Florida" but I know that isn't the case...she's following something big.

And now she's in Canada - being a seal trainer - or something else as equally silly. And it is silly, but it's wonderful. It's perfectly suited for her and I'm sure it's much harder work than I might imagine. The point is - she's living out a wild fantasy and she seems so thrilled, and if she's thrilled - I'm thrilled. Congratulations Kelli - keep me updated on all you discover about Canada and about yourself because I know you have a lot to learn.

Me? I'm back home being perfectly boring. The one who was supposed to escape this place is mere minutes from her childhood home attending college at the university she used to pass on the way to the grocery store. But that's okay because for as wildly imaginative and intelligent as I've always been I was slow to start on anything that required change. It's also okay because I'm in the middle of my dream too...I've found the love of my life and she's captured my heart...she's the greatest dream fulfilled. And I know that sharing my life with her will be and has been so far the most exciting adventure out there for me. Plus considering my plans to go to law school I know I'm in for an adventure there.

I guess I'm just a romantic that way - I see the world in a grain of sand and Kelli is more a classicist - she has to go see everything and experience everything to feel like she's seen it all...and we are good friends for that reason, we can compare notes. I love you sister!

Point of this all? I'm inspired. By a few people in my life that make life important. Kelli inspired me this afternoon when I read her note and Kelly inspires me on a daily basis with her wonderful personality that is so suited to me. Jayme inspires me with her drive and her ambition to succeed. Jackie inspires me with her dedication to her schoolwork and all the while her dedication to her friends. Ashley inspires me with her big heart that never gives up on anything. Helaina inspires me with her compassion and sense of fun. Brittany inspires me with her dedication to work, how many jobs does she have now?? :) Alyssa inspires me with her ability to manage so much for such a young girl - school, work, her son, her social life. My parents inspire me with their entire lives - the life they built together, the business my dad built, the home my mom built.

So I ask you to look at the people who inspire you and use that inspiration in whatever way you see fit. You might surprise yourself...

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