It's Your Right

"The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid," said by Art Spander, award winning American sports writer, this quote is a good place to start on this blog.

I know this has been somewhat political lately, but how can it not be? The election is something like four weeks away the vice presidential debate is on tomorrow and it's one of the most, if not the most, controversial presidential elections in United States history. So maybe we'll hit some other issues soon enough.

Anyway...voting. It's a right that is paid for by you for living in this country, don't waste your money and more importantly vote so the government won't waste your money. You also don't want the government to waste your resources, time, energy, or life in general. If you'd like to see more good from this country, go out and make a decision for the country.

And yes democracy provides the opportunity for you to vote in a manner than could screw things up and maybe that's what Spander meant...or maybe he meant the thing that would be stupid for a voter to do is to not use the right to vote. So I urge people to go out and vote. Do something for the country and for yourself.

So now that I've become an ad for voter promoters all over the country, I leave you. Perhaps more blogging will result tonight, if not then tomorrow.


Just Ashley said...

w00t! If you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain about the results in my opinion. Voting= awesome, mostly because I love a good touch screen machine. Who doesn't, right?

Anonymous said...