Money is Dirty - Pointing Fingers, Blaming, and Failing

"Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill immediately blamed each other today for the failure of a $700 billion bailout package in the House."

This is an excerpt from one of CNN's articles covering the failed bailout totaling $700 billion dollars. It's funny, money. It always seems to bring out the worst in people. Or at least...it rarely brings about good in a majority of situations. True, there are charitable people in society...but they are A. few and far between or B. are the ones with less money to give. So that brings us to the $700 billions dollars that the government is discussing and potentially could be throwing around to try to "stimulate the economy."

Well, I don't know about what you think, but it seems to me it's just causing more problems with the people heading up the government. We find ourselves in the middle of yet another controversial presidential election, where regardless of who wins the presidency there is going to be a huge break in history where either a woman takes the vice presidency or a black man takes the presidency. So with that going on...there's this other huge issue. The biggest attempt to bailout the economy or stimulate it since the Great Depression.

So according to CNN we now have a "very dissappointed" president about to leave office with an unresolved bill on the table...and the question is...where does this bill go next?

The republicans and democrats are now blaming each other for why it didn't pass and whether that was good or bad. One congressman, Republican John Culberson said we had the choice to either bankrupt our children or a few major companies that made bad decisions. Many blame Nancy Pelosi for her partisan speech before the vote. Showing that money that's touched the hands of many...is bound to be dirty. It causes problems in government and problems in general. So another question posed is, what can we do to cleanse ourselves of the dirty money? Or really, is there even anything to do?

How much longer will we have these issues with the economy? Maybe they are never ending...at least that's what history shows.

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