Moving in a Different Direction

Now, let me just move to something other than politics for a moment, since the big news is about the debates and I haven't watched them yet because I have them recorded...I know, bad.

Maybe some of you will feel a little strange about the topic shift. Maybe you won't like the change...but that's what life is...a series of changes. Therein is a series of movements, leaving and moving on and those are always the same thing. Leaving and moving on are not the same. True, they can go hand in hand, but they aren't necessarily that way. I think this is an issue people sometimes don't understand. It's like people expect you to always stay and sometimes you just can't. Sometimes it's just time to go. Because if you don't leave it will never be your life, it will be theirs...and then maybe...one day...you will stay because it will be your life...because you've already done all your leaving. And maybe one day you'll find someone to move with from place to place...someone to take along and journey with. That's something to really be thankful for. To find the person that is your very best friend. An unfailing force in your life.

Change is scary, most people are averse to it. I, myself, am not a huge fan of change myself. Struggle is something that generally follows in the face of change because with change comes the unknown and of course people are afraid of the unknown. It's something completely apart from what is already in a person's life. So it makes sense.

You just have to learn to change and grow and even if you are afraid. Hopefully you'll have people to back you up in life.

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Nice segue at the beginning.