The Election: Looking Back a Few Weeks

Election...I know I didn't write about it, but I'll explain why.

One: The reaction on both sides was less than desirable, at least in many parts of the country some of which were close to home.

Two: I didn't want to rant my own views and be scorned for doing so...I figured if I waited a bit it would die down a little. We'll see.

Three: I've been overly busy with the finishing up of my quarter here.

Now...a few words from my side of things:

We have to give him a chance; there is no other option. It is done.

I had hopes for Barack Obama when he began his campaign. I voted for him, as a registered Democrat, in the primaries. As the months progressed I found better policies in the campaign of John McCain. I will gladly say that I voted for John McCain in the general election (by way of early voting). My reasons were simple. My reasons were rational. I looked at all sides of the issues and I consider myself a moderate voter and political thinker. Considering my fiscally conservative views and in support of the small business my father runs I had to vote for McCain, especially with the potential blocking of the filibuster in the Senate. I firmly believe in checks and balances.

I also firmly believe that everyone has a chance to be president and that shouldn't be a race fight. I think the issue did turn into a race fight in several areas of the nation, not all. I also firmly believe politicians should make a conscious effort to be more true in their words. I think if they have a plan it should be clear and pursued. I think President Bush failed exponentially in his original plans. True, 9/11 was a throw off the course, but Iraq was a choice to lose sight of the goals originally in place.

My concern is that we weren't and aren't ready for this. I hope I am proved wrong. I would love to be wrong in this case, but I am wary. I am always wary when someone new takes over the biggest role in the country. Change is scary. So I do hope this is a change we can believe in...that remains to be seen.

NOTE: This was not meant to incite emotion, just to give another angle to the election, one that seems fairly stated.

If you would like to know what I mean by race fight this video explains it. Voting based on color is an improper use of your right to vote. Please stay informed. It will benefit everyone in that way. Thanks.


A.G.B said...
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A.G.B said...

How did I just now find your blog?

Interesting post. I am not sure I have ever known someone who has "split their vote" as it were.

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