Connections Can Keep You Moving

The past two weeks (and only two weeks this quarter) that I've been in school I've noticed something...My classes are overlapping. I don't even mean just a little bit...I'm talking I've heard about Gutenburg and his printing press FOUR times in FOUR classes this week. That's not the only connection though. There are so many more...the Renaissance has been presented as significant in two of the four classes. The ideas of Plato and Aristotle and Ancient Greece and Rome have been brought up in two of four of the classes. And Ben Franklin and his newspaper have been mentioned in two more classes of the four.

Now, where is the point in all of this? Well the connections are keeping me on top of things. It's a huge advantage, redundant as it may seem initially. I am learning the information if not in any other way than repetition. The connections therefore, are a good thing.

That goes for almost all connections. Especially networking. Networking is a great form of connections that keeps you moving in this fast paced, high-demand world. If you know people and they know people that are useful to you, all you have to do is be kind to them and things will probably pay off for you in the end. It's another formula...(your friend + your kindness) + their friend = a payoff for you. That's not to say you should use people because using people and networking are completely different things. There is an advantage for both with networking; there is advantage for one and deception toward the other in misusage.

So make connections, utilize connections presented and you'll have a better time keeping up in the whirl of movement.

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