Reading in Motion: Massive Collegiate Reading Assigned

Presently, it is the third day into the new fall quarter, 2008. What this means is that all the freshmen/ first year students, including myself, are discovering the seemingly endless pages of reading that classes are presenting them. Or, more specifically, professors are presenting them. I, myself, had approximately 200 pages of reading due by tomorrow, Thursday. Is it all finished? No. I still have about a fourth of it left, but the night is young.

So...college maybe is turning out to be a bit different than some had anticipated. I am genuinely a bit surprised. I expected a lot of reading...but this...is A LOT of reading. It just goes to show that you have to keep up in this fast paced world. Keep up with your news crawl, keep up with your reading, keep up with your friends. The list is nearly endless. You have to make time for all sorts of things throughout your day. Eating for example, in an overcrowded dining hall or buying groceries in a tiny market located in Nelson Commons.

The fast pace, while adventurous and exactly what you may need during the day, is also quite tiring and requires a good night's sleep. So I challenge you to enjoy your days in motion and to keep rested so you can keep going. And going....

And going...because trust me...if you stop...everything else won't. It keeps moving.

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