Politics, the World and Journalism

I've sat in my enormous lecture class for Journalism 101 twice now and have read two chapters in the coinciding course textbook and have noticed a few things...

Politics and discussion of the world are so adhesive to the subject of journalism and I have a completely coherent explanation as to why.

Journalism is an art and a career in which you have to communicate. Obviously, I mean, it's a communications major. In that point you also have the fact that in order to communicate at the level of being a journalist, you need to have someone to communicate your message to. That message, if it reaches it's intended success, will reach someone or a small group or in most circumstances the world at large. Therefore you have to have knowledge of the world with which you are communicating. Having that knowledge helps to effectively get your point across because you know about who you are talking to and how better to do so.

Simply put, if you don't like ascertaining information on the world and how it works and how better to work with it maybe journalism isn't the best career to pursue.

Politics then needs to be learned about too. Why? Because politics play a part in almost all things. Especially when it comes to careers because there are laws and regulations that have to be adhered to and abided by. You can sit in a room and note hundreds of ways in which the government is regulating you, from the FDA's stamp of approval on your toothpaste to the pillows from which you can't remove the tags and to the building codes that create and enforce rules as to how the walls are built around you. The list is long and the same can be said about the laws surrounding the way in which you communicate with the world.

So again...if you don't want to explore the politics behind journalism it's hard to say you are dedicated to the field.

The definition of pursuing an education and degree and eventual career in journalism just gained some baggage, yes?

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