Racing Thoughts in a Fast Paced World

Some may be wondering what exactly is meant by the mere title of this blog. Well, allow me to explain...
This world is moving faster than ever before. Anywhere you look on tv, the internet, or newspapers and magazines even, the amount of information before you can be very overwhelming. There are news crawls to follow along with the reporter and the story being presented in the main and then there are sidebars and jumps from here to there. It can be hard to keep up. 
With all of these things going on there are understandable a considerable amount of thoughts floating around in the atmosphere and in our minds. Only a portion of those thoughts are ever released and turned into words or other forms of communication. 
So I've created a blog to get out a few more of my own atmospheres of thought. Maybe then I can slow down the news crawl on my mind and get a little feedback on it as well. 
I hope you enjoy my musings in motion....

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